Retired Apparatus

Engine 71-2

Engine 71-2 formerly Engine 72 prior to the departments change in numbering scheme is the most recently retired apparatus. 71-2 was originally purchased in 1991 and served the borough as one of 3 engines until its replacement in late 2020. It was also the departments first Pierce brand apparatus, which started the trend for the current apparatus all of which are Pierce as well. While a fairly straight forward and simple engine as it was purchased prior to the departments involvement in rescue. 71-2 did have some unique qualities. It was one of the last apparatus built with an open cab over the crew area. It had two hydraulic ladder racks which allowed the department to carry an increased ground ladder compliment. It was the departments first apparatus with a pre-piped deluge gun or “deck gun”. It was the departments first apparatus built with considerations for a large diameter hose bed as well as the popular 3″ hose beds of the times. Currently 71-2 is keeping guests and employees safe at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ as a front line engine. 

Engine 79

Engine 79 which is a 1981 Hahn pumper was retired in late 2009 with the acquisition of Engine 71-1. Engine 79 was a favorite among the members of the department with its roaring Detroit diesel engine, 24″ roof mounted air horns, and stand up jump-seat area. Engine 79 was a beast, although dwarfed by today’s standards 79 saw its share of action throughout the borough and county. Most notably responding to the Shell tank farm fire in 1996 where the engine pumped water for days as part of an engine relay. Its unknown where Engine 79 resides today but her legacy lives on with the members of the department. 

Chiefs Vehicle

This 2008 Durango served as one of two Chiefs vehicles until its retirement in mid 2022. This was the first vehicle to sport the current white over red look which follows the coloring scheme of the larger apparatus. Its also the first chiefs vehicle to sport a rear command console commonly seen in most chiefs vehicles now.