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The Spotswood Fire Department is seeking highly motivated members between the ages of eighteen (18) and forty one (41), who live in Spotswood, to participate in a valuable community service. Individuals who reside in surrounding communities will be considered on a basis of distance and safety as our members respond to the firehouse upon notification of an emergency.

Probationary members upon joining the department will immediately begin in house training and participate in all department functions along side our fully trained firefighters. Probationary members are allowed to participate in all department training that doesn’t put them in an immediately dangerous to life and health situation. For a new member some of the training that will be immediately accessible and encouraged is Water/Ice Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, and Firefighter 1.

Participation Requirements:

  • Attend 50% of Department Meetings
  • Attend 25% of Emergency Calls
  • Attend 50% of Department Drills
  • Attend 75% of Equipment Check Details

Probationary members are issued full turnout gear and PPE and are allowed to respond 24/7. Probationary members who are not certified do ride the apparatus however must always yield their seat to a certified member. Probationary members who join and are already certified as NJ Firefighter 1 have the same riding rights as a non probationary certified member. Probationary members who are not certified must obtain their Firefighter 1 certification within a reasonable amount of time. The department will assist the probationary member in finding a suitable firefighter 1 class.

How long does the training take? While we never stop training, the three major topics listed above will add up to approximately 300 hours. Firefighter 1 being the longest at 198 hours is typically offered two ways and usually follows a typical college semester. One way is Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm for five consecutive weeks, this typically suits our younger members. The other offering is three nights a week for three hours and typically lasts five and a half months. The other two classes water/ice rescue and vehicle extrication have mixed offerings and are approximately 48 hours a piece.

It seems like a lot why should I give up my free time? While as a volunteer there are no direct financial benefits, there are many priceless rewards to serving your community. For our young members or adults seeking quality employment, the training and life skills you receive as a part of the department open doors to many high quality jobs. You become part of a family and a support network that is second to none. Along with helping our neighbors on emergencies we’re always there to take care and support one of our own. Frankly you get to do a lot of cool stuff, we participate in many community events and always promote in house team building events. Last but not least while we don’t receive much in the form of financial benefits, there are some in the form of LOSAP and clothing allowance. LOSAP is the (length of service award program) which was created in law by the state as a way of rewarding volunteers for continued service. The program has attendance requirements which if met will result in an annual $550 contribution to an investment account managed by the borough. The borough also funds a clothing allowance for all responding members of the department which reimburses the volunteers annually for expenses they may incur responding to calls.

In the end have you ever wondered what would happen if you had an emergency and nobody came? While the department is still adequately staffed to respond to emergencies and provide a high quality service to the borough. It is no secret that across the United States volunteer numbers are trending in the wrong direction. Did you know that in the State of NJ alone 75% of departments are  100% staffed by volunteers.

The Spotswood Fire Department is always looking for members to strengthen the ranks, join today and become part of our family!

For info or to apply to join please call 732-251-3460 and leave a message in the Chief’s Mailbox and/or fill out the below form.


Please fill out the below form for more information or interest in joining the Spotswood Volunteer Fire Department as a Probationary Member

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