General Info & FAQ

Click on the most frequently asked questions below to find out general information about our organization.  If there are any questions you have that are not listed here, please email us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Interest in Membership

Q1. I have no prior training; can I join the Spotswood Fire Department?

Certainly! We take applications from people willing to volunteer with us and would be happy to hear from you. You can contact us by calling 732-251-3460 and leave a message in the Chief’s Mailbox. Or if you see cars in the parking lot just stop in and pick up an application. For more information, check out the How to Join Page.

Q2. I am a High School Student (Age 16-17) or have a son or daughter that age, is there a junior program for them join?

Yes! The Spotswood Fire Department has a Junior Auxiliary, otherwise known as the cadets. We are looking for interested high school students 16-17 to join the department, to learn about how firefighting works, gain experience, and work a valuable community service. Check the Cadet Information Page for more information.

Q3. What incentives do I have to volunteer with the Spotswood Fire Department?

Besides the excellent feeling you get by protecting and serving your community as a volunteer firefighter, we also offer free training, and participate in the LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program).

General Department and Organization Questions

Q4. What is the Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company, Inc.?

The Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company is the original name of this department that was incorporated on May 10, 1898, this incorporation was disbanded in 1928, when the Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company voted to join the municipal government of Spotswood thus becoming the Spotswood Volunteer Fire Department. In order to better serve the citizens of Spotswood, the Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company was incorporated in 2008, in a restructuring agreement between the fire department and the borough. This incorporation allows the members of the fire department to raise funds and operate in a much more efficient method in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal statues.

Q5. What is the difference between the Spotswood Fire Department and the Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company?

The Spotswood Fire Department has been the official branch of municipal government providing fire protection for the borough and its residents since 1928, and continues to do so. The Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company, Inc. is the non profit entity formed in 1898 which through agreement provides the members to staff the Fire Department. Enterprise H&L is independent to raise its own funds for non-firefighting obligations, such as provide uniforms and obtain supplies for the various community outreach activities the department participates in to name a few.

In a nutshell, if you call 911, the Spotswood Fire Department responds with tax funded equipment, most non emergency activities or items are funded by Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company, Inc.

Q6. How many members does the Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company have?

At current day, there are approximately 30 brave men and women on the active, active life, and associate member roles, one cadet, and over 50 life members.

Q7. How many fire trucks does the Spotswood Fire Department use?

We operate two engines (Engines 71-1 & 71-4), a ladder truck, a brush truck, a pickup truck, a staff car, and two chief’s command vehicles. See the Apparatus Page for more information.

Q8. How many calls does the Spotswood Fire Department run a year?

We run approximately 180-220 calls a year that include: structure fires, brush fires, car fires, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm activations, hazardous materials incidents, motor vehicle accidents, and mutual aid assignments, just to name a few.

Q9. Why is it that sometimes I see other town’s fire trucks in Spotswood?

While the Spotswood Fire Department is all volunteer, we are a small department and sometimes need assistance from our neighbors. This generally occurs during weekdays while the majority of members work, or at a larger scale incident where more firefighters are required. The most common mutual aid departments that come into Spotswood are Monroe Township District #1, East Brunswick District #1, and Helmetta.

Q10. I’ve seen a Spotswood fire truck in another town doing firefighting, why is that?

Just like how other departments come into Spotswood when we are in need of assistance, we do the same for any town in the county or state if need be (We’ve been as far as the Shell Refinery Fire back in 1996), but we generally run Mutual Aid for Monroe Township, Helmetta, East Brunswick, and Old Bridge.

Support and Misc. Questions

Q11. I am a leader of an organization and wish schedule either a tour of the firehouse or have some firefighters come out to teach fire safety, how do I do that?

Fire Prevention Month is in October when we host an open house and conduct fire safety classes to the area schools, however, fire safety is an important facet of an education to people of all ages young and old, and we will gladly work with you and your organization to arrange for something.

Please call 732-251-3460, and leave your contact information in the Chief’s mailbox, or email us.

For links and fire safety information available on our website, please check out the Fire Safety Page.

Q12. How can I make a donation to the Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company?

The Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company, Inc, is a public charity in accordance with IRS code section 501(c)(3). The costs of firefighters’ dress uniforms, improvement to our banquet hall, our continued support of local charities and youth organizations, and the restoration and maintenance of our 1921 Ford Model-T antique fire engine are not covered by your municipal taxes, but are in need of your support. If you would like to make a monetary donation to fund these activities, which is tax deductible, please make checks payable to:

Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company, Inc.
495 Main Street
Spotswood, NJ 08884


Q13. I heard that the Spotswood Enterprise Hook & Ladder Company rents its banquet hall out for my party; can I have some more info?

Due to operational needs we are no longer publically renting out our hall, sorry for the inconvenience.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]