The Spotswood Fire Department offers a junior membership program for high school
students between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18), who live in Spotswood, to
participate in a valuable community service and provide its members with necessary training

allowed in any situation deemed hazardous until the scene is declared safe. While not
actually doing the firefighting, cadets learn a great deal about how the department operates,
how equipment works, and how to assist in non-tactical operations at a fire scene. Since its
adoption by the Borough Council in 1992, cadets have given great help in the many support
roles needed at a fire scene.

Once a cadet turns 18, then he or she will be required to fill out another application form to
become a full member of the department, once the application process is complete the cadet
will become a probationary firefighter so that they can attend the fire academy for their
Firefighter I certification.

Cadets are issued full turnout gear like regular firefighters, and are given pagers so that
they can respond during the hours of 7 am to 10 pm on school nights, and weekends as
well unless parental consent allows for them to respond at all hours on weekends and
during summer. However, Cadets are not allowed to leave the high school or respond to a
call during lunchtime hours. Depending on manpower and decision of the officer cadets
usually are allowed to ride at least the 2nd truck out of the firehouse to a fire call, however
cadets always have to yield their seat to a certified firefighter, and many times cadets are
utilized to operate the base station radio out of the firehouse which they receive training to

It is a great community service helping out your neighbors, and it is personally enjoyable,
most cadets rejoin when they reach 18 to become certified firefighters, and some have gone
on to be Chief of the Department.

For info or to apply to join please call 732-251-3460 and leave a message in the
Chief's Mailbox and/or fill out the below form.
  • Must live in Spotswood.
  • Must be enrolled in High School and maintain a grade average of at least "C".
  • Must be between ages of 16-18.
  • Must have parent or guardian consent to join.